A global and local approach to your assets

Making the right decisions for your assets in an international context is a delicate exercise. Our recommendations are founded on both a global vision of your situation and an in-depth analysis of the applicable local legislation.

Like many entrepreneurs and family heads, you live in a world where your family and your assets are located in several countries, and sometimes on more than one continent. Our advisors have extensive experience in dealing with such situations.

​A unique methodology

We have developed a comprehensive approach that combines a detailed analysis of the various local legal and tax environments with a global vision of your assets, in order to understand the real impact of each decision on your overall situation. For a thorough analysis of the local conditions, we rely on a strong international network of trusted partners. We have handpicked them for their reliability and professionalism, which we have had the opportunity to test over the course of many collaborations.

Our expertise at the service of your assets

Over the years, we have acquired expertise in four main areas relating to your wealth: