Independent experts. Multidisciplinary skills.
Inclusive approach.

Structuring, preserving, and transferring your assets should reflect the context of your estate and your family circumstances.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, a shareholder in a family business or the owner of an estate passed down through generations, you deserve to preserve your assets, protect their growth, and prepare for their onward transfer. We work with you to develop solutions that meet all those needs.

Global context

The world today is complex and uncertain. Geopolitical and socio-economic forces are challenging norms and traditions. Managing family and business wealth within this context is increasingly demanding. More than ever, wealth planning requires a proactive and multidisciplinary approach to shape solutions that are flexible yet enduring, and which can be adapted when needed.

All our advisors have deep international and multicultural experience. They understand the challenges of wealth planning. While national borders may determine the limits of legislation, we believe they should not restrict your choices, nor determine where your business should be based, or where your family members live or pursue a career.

Family matters

We know from experience that changes in circumstances, be they legislative developments or personal decisions, can create uncertainty about the consequences for the family estate. Such uncertainty can sometimes create tensions within the family. We believe it is essential to involve everyone in discussions related to the management and preservation of the family’s assets.

Respectful. Collaborative. Caring. Confidential

We value the relationships with our clients.  They are precious, personal, and private. We take the time to develop deep, mutual, and enduring trust through an inclusive approach. We base all our work on the following principles:

  • Tailored expertise to meet your needs – We have a wealth of professional experience between us. We have all have worked in internationally renowned firms. We know how to value the advice of specialists in the many disciplines and jurisdictions that may be involved in wealth planning decisions
  • Ability to make things simple – We take the time to explainpossibilities and options in clear, simple and precise language, highlighting advantages and disadvantages
  • Attention to inclusiveness – We encourage the involvement of all family members and stakeholders in decisions that may affect their own situation
  • Complete independence in our advice – We commit to derive our income solely from our advisory activity; not to manage financial assets; not to advise on individual instruments; and not to accept any commission or retrocession
  • Confidence in what we recommend – We abide by a “no cure, no pay” principle
  • Long-term perspective – We offer support and advice throughout the implementation period of our recommendations, monitoring them over time and proactively suggesting adaptations where necessary.

We are privileged to accompany the entrepreneurs and families who place their trust in us. We dare to dream with you and embrace your aspirations. We value the legacy of your past as we combine our expertise and creativity to imagine, formulate and implement solutions that will take you into the future.