Your wealth planning deserves a tailor-made approach

We know that every situation is unique, especially when it comes to wealth planning. That’s why, whatever your needs, we will always provide you with independent and personalised advice.

Whether recently acquired or passed down through generations, your family’s estate is precious and unique. Therefore, it deserves a thorough assessment by independent experts and unbiased advice in your sole interest.

We examine your overall wealth situation and offer you bespoke advice on:

structuring your assets

– financial planning*

– legal and tax organisation

transfer and inheritance

We also support you in implementing our recommendations. We remain at your side, even if the context or circumstances change, and we help you adapt your strategy to these changes. Our commitment is to work with you until the end of your project.

Independent financial planner

Yours Advisory SRL has obtained the status of independent financial planner (IFP) in Belgium. Licensed independent financial planners are required to derive their income solely from wealth planning advisory services. Under no circumstances may they offer investment services or provide any advice on individual financial instruments. These provisions guarantee our integrity and the impartiality of our advice.

Yours Advisory is particularly proud to be one of the six Belgian companies to have obtained this accreditation. The Financial Services and Markets Authority (FSMA) has indeed laid down particularly stringent criteria, both in terms of independence and methodology, and it monitors compliance rigorously and uncompromisingly.

International scope

When it comes to managing your private assets, your professional activities or the residence of your family members, your situation often has an international dimension.

Through our international network of experts, we have the necessary skills to assess the legal and tax situation of your assets and those of your family. We base our recommendations on both local and global analysis, taking into account your entire family and wealth context.

We will conduct a personalised consultation based on the information you have provided about your personal and family situation, your business activities, and your financial planning requirements. This consultation will be recorded in a clear and comprehensive report in writing, which will include our analysis and recommendations.

Ad hoc planning and guidance

We can conduct an overall analysis of your situation, or look at particular matters to help you take the best decisions. Here are some examples of situations where we can provide advice:

  • Organising your legacy
  • Giving away property and real estate
  • Transferring the family business
  • Estimating the civil and fiscal impact of your passing away
  • Structuring your local and/or international assets
  • Acquiring real estate
  • Marriages, divorces and children in an international context
  • International structuring of your financial assets
  • Wealth and tax consequences of the change of residence of a family member

*in the context of the law of 25 April 2014 on independent financial planners